What Is NDIS?

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It is a disability support program started by the Australian government to help people with any significant or permanent impairment lead independent lives. This program aims to reduce the amount of support participants need in their daily lives and reach their goals.

NDIS provides a wide range of support to its providers and funds various disability services. It also has a number of home and living options for the participants who wish to leave their family homes and start living independently. We have made this guide to help you understand the home and living options under NDIS so you can decide which one is better for you.

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Start Off Your Independent Life

A home is a place for everyone to feel comfortable. For NDIS participants, it can be a tough choice to pick their accommodation option, especially if you’re not familiar with the facilities of each home and living option under NDIS.

Home Modifications

The first option under NDIS home and living is home modifications. It is funded to help participants change the layout or add facilities in their current house, so they stay at their place while also getting the required support. If you don’t need to switch places, you can choose this option, and NDIS will allow you to get updates on your house so you can move freely, even without support.

Short-Term Accommodation

This type of home and living option is provided to the participants who need a short getaway for respite. You can choose the community you want to stay in and connect with more people. This accommodation can be funded for up to 14 days. If you wish to extend your stay, you will need to request medium-term accommodation.

Medium-Term Accommodation

Medium-term accommodation is funded when you are waiting for a long-term solution for your accommodation. If your problem cannot be solved in 14 days, you might need to request this accommodation so you can get a place to stay for a longer period. It is usually funded for up to 90 days.

Individualised Living Options

This type of home and living option allows you to choose a place of your liking for your stay and set up the support that is best suited for your needs. This support allows you to live the way you want in the place you have chosen as support.

Supported Independent Living

This option allows you to have supervision in your daily activities. A support worker can come and supervise your tasks as you perform them independently. This type of paid personal support is usually provided in shared accommodations. You can choose to stay with other NDIS participants, and your support worker will come to supervise your tasks and might also stay overnight if you have complex needs.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA is a housing option designed for people who have complex needs and extreme functional impairments. Homes for this accommodation are made more accessible so the support can be delivered more conveniently. This support also usually involves multiple people sharing the same accommodation.

Assistive Technology

You might need some technology to function properly in your home. NDIS also provides funds for high-cost assistive technology to ensure that you get to move freely in your house. AT might be an equipment or system needed to help you reach your full potential.


NDIS provides a bunch of home and living options. If you want more clarification to understand which options are best for you, you can contact Personalised Support Services. They provide NDIS supported accommodation in Dandenong, and their team will help you get the best possible accommodation so you can meet your goals more efficiently.